Saturday, 30 March 2013

Since it's cold enough, here's a frozen bunny to celebrate the Feast! Happy Easter!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

I hate Lent

I suppose I shouldn't say that, but as every annual Lant approaches I feel that it is less and less relevant to living the Christian faith. Then as the weeks meander by, I wonder why we need this yearly season of flagellation. It's certainly not to find favour with God, for there is no way we can influence our standing with the Almighty. It has more to do with making ourselves feel worthy and superior than it is to do with our faith. And so I openly admit that I haven't given up anything these last 5 weeks. Is my faith lessened because of this? No. Would my faith have been strengthened if I had denied myself something I enjoy? No. I would just have been more miserable. And God knows Im p'd off enough with the machinations of the organised CofE as it is, especially its bullying to use business audit approaches to the life of a parish. I am resisting it, and will continue to do so. Maybe waving the palms tomorrow will bring a bit of relief and uplifting of the spirit - though of course it all gets dashed to pieces again on Friday. Roll on Sunday, when the stone moves and I can smash open my Easter eggs!