Friday, 21 March 2014

Miserable Old Git syndrome

Oh for ***** sake ......

From the Diocesan website:

As part of our support of A Season of Invitation, the diocese will be hosting three 2-hour events on Wednesday 25th June in which Michael Harvey (A Season of Invitation, Executive Team) will provide training for clergy, readers, wardens and church members on how to successfully hold A Season of Invitation.

I thought I'd been doing this all through my ministry every Christmas, Easter and Harvest. How did the church survive almost 2,ooo years without this incessant "training"?

From Paul, Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the faithful at .......... I shall be holding a training session for our elders and leaders in the gymnasium at Corinth next Thursday. Please be sure to attend so that the Holy Spirit will know what he/she is supposed to be doing, and how we can enable him/her to make converts to the faith.

I despair ... and I won't be going.