Monday, 1 January 2007

Fast away the old year passes

2007 - and I saw it in watching one of my favourite films ....

... wishing that the Aston Martin DB5 had a longer run and was more successful in evading the pursuit.

It's a bit like watching "The Great Escape" and hoping that this time Steve McQueen manages to leap the barbed wire fence on his motorcycle and make it into Switzerland ....

My New Year's Resolution of getting off my backside and taking more exercise has already been put into practice. It's a glorious morning here, clear blue skies, bright sunshine, with a stiff and cool north-westerly breeze. Just right for walking, so I've tramped the foootpath circuit out of the village and across the fields to the south. The last section, across a sown field, was particularly muddy, and when I got back it took me ten minutes to clean off my boots. Still, as proof that I actually went ...

The walk isn't really long enough though, so I shall have to consult the footpaths map and see which one will take me through to Brooke Lane. That way I can return to the village on a dry road, rather than across our version of the Somme!

Hot coffee now, and maybe a biscuit since it's "elevenses" time.

I wonder what film's on the telly this afternoon?


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