Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Removing the speck and missing the beam

What a jolly communique from Dar-es-Salam. The congregated bishops in their collective wisdom have decided that there be a moratorium on the election and consecration of any more gay bishops (just as well it's not retrospective or half of the historic succession would have been barred!) and there be no more blessings of same-sex unions.

Now that we've disenfranchised all the gay people from expressing their faith in our churches, who's next? Shall we bar all who have been divorced? Let's shut out all who are separated. Why not get rid of those who are still single after, let's say, the age of 28. Surely if they were normal they'd be married by then and procreating according to the purposes revealed in Genesis.

Wait a minute! I've an even better idea. At a time when we're all beating our breasts and apologising for our historic actions over slavery, let's close the door to all those with a skin colour other than pink. After all, the church used to firmly declare that they had no souls anyway.

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