Saturday, 8 September 2007

A change of colour

Having put up the post about the "Blue Angel", today was the day for the Spice toilet! Tired of the badly-painted lemon-yellow upstairs convenience, months ago I bought a tin of "Spice" which I thought would look rather smart. So this Saturday was spent with paintbrush and roller in hand, and to the accompaniment of a CD of Noel Coward, firstly putting white on the ceiling, then cutting-in the orange-red around the edges, rolling the walls, and finally doing the gloss whilst the fabric blind was in the wash, A "turn-off brain" day before the spiritual exercise of tomorrow's services. By supper-time I was ready for my large Yorkshire pudding filled with the left-overs of the Thursday braised beef stew. Delicious! However, I forgot to have a glass of red wine with it. Perhaps I'll have one now .....


  1. A splendid colour! A little artwork perhaps? (Is that upper right picture a Lucy Mabel Atwell? It should be.) And a small library. No 'small room' would be complete without a selection of books and magazines that smooth the important passing of time.

  2. Not a Lucy Mabel Atwell, but a small plaque giving hints as to how to use this small room. It includes the final line: "Gentlemen, stand closer. It may be shorter than you think!"

    There is also a small shelf of suitable reading material behind the door on the left.

    Artwork is supplied by a framed poster on the left wall proclaiming the wonders of Thomas Crapper & Sons Sanitary Ware, bought when I was resident in "The Potteries".

    There is also a small notice prohibiting Swearing, Spitting and Dancing - "This is a Respectable House" - just inside the doorframe on the right.