Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Parish Priests need not apply

Church Building and Tourism Officer - Church of England, Suffolk
Salary: up to £30,000
Three year Full time fixed term contract

Many people have visited a church in the past twelve months; attending worship, going to a concert or exhibition or just looking for a quiet space. 70,000 people visited St Edmundsbury Cathedral in 2008. Church Tourism is potentially a valuable asset in the portfolio of Suffolk’s visitor attractions.

In conjunction with English Heritage, the Church of England in Suffolk is seeking to employ a Church Building and Tourism Officer. This three year, fulltime post will work with congregations to develop their church’s tourism potential, help them adapt their buildings for local community needs and work with partner organisations promoting the value of historic places of worship.

COMMENT: So just what is it that we parish priests do 52 weeks of the year then? Do we not welcome tourists? Do we not try and find ways of utilising our ancient buildings? And all for about 2/3rds of this new post's salary. Sod it.


  1. It's not right, and it's not fair, SR. Rome beckons.

  2. Er, I'm not that desperate, Grandmere.

  3. In terms of "post cost" they will be very similar. However, St Edmundsbury would rather have a tourist officer than a priest. Just as it would rather have a mock gothic tower on a rather average parish church than do something worthwhile. High time St Edmundsbury was put out out its misery and returned to Norwich and Chelmsford