Saturday, 26 December 2009

I have acquired some nice Christmas loot.

(Title borrowed from Noel Coward's diaries)

In fact, I've been very lucky and people have been very generous. Numerous bottles, books, vouchers, and some delightfully naff Christian "tat" such as a CD clock with an image of a Bethlehem shepherd on it, a candle with a transfer of Jesus, a pair of Holy socks with Jonah and the Whale on them, and a small elastic bracelet with numerous pictures of saints and angels stuck on each wooden bead. Cheese and chocolates, a "Nuns having fun" calendar, some old Brighton postcards, and some CD's. Too much!


  1. Just tell us a bit more about the nuns having fun calendar.

  2. Okay - pics of the Nuns and socks to follow ... when I get round to it!