Friday, 11 June 2010

I have nothing against the Rainbow Nation, but ...

... my life, my home, my work, this blog and my TV viewing are all part of a World Cup Free Zone.


  1. I take it you are not a big football fan, then?

  2. My last visit to a game was the 1983 Cup Final at Wembley between Brighton & Hove Albion (my home town team) and Manchester United. The match was drawn, and I didn't attend the replay - that day I was voluntarily involved with the catering at Theological College for the Summer Ball - a running buffet for upwards of 300 people! Brighton lost.

    The only TV sports I like watching (if I have nothing better to do) are the 6 Nations Rugby, skiing and bobsled. (My father was part of the RAF 5-man bob in the Winter Olympics of 1948 held in St Moritz.) I occasionally watch Formula 1.