Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A wet Tuesday in Brighton

There's something rather special about Brighton in the wind and rain - turning it from a frantic holiday destination back into a city for the residents as the trippers shelter under the promenade or seek the warmth and noise of the amusement arcade on Brighton Pier.

A tour was taken of the Royal Pavilion, and it is some years since I last went round. Newly-restored rooms are open, and the audio-guide gives a fairly good description of each chamber and its history. Indian on the outside and Chinese on the inside, it's a unique building, and it captures the essence of the seaside town - extravagant, over-the-top and camp.

The walk along the Pier was decidedly blowly, and shelter was found on the windward side of the central divide. In the arcades people were thrusting coins into the machines with barely a pause, whilst at the far end the brave clambered onto the rides to be flung about like rag dolls. Looking westwards the skeleton of the old West Pier stood amid the churning water as another squall blew in.

A damp but delightful day, with the drive back to Suffolk taking three and a half hours with one short refuelling stop at Ipswich.

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