Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Phew! It's a scorcher!

The vicarage ran out of heating oil at the start of February, and I've been hanging on before ordering because this village has a buying Consortium, and if I had ordered my fuel independently I would not only have missed out on their reduced price, but also lowered the total order for the rest of the group. So it's been electric heaters since then, and heating each room as required. The hallways have been so cold that your breath could be seen, and I've been sleeping under two duvets and another cover.

But yesterday the oil was delivered, and though it has cost me not far short of a grand to fill the tank, the house is now reasonably warm again. I've even left off my vest!

It was no real hardship, after all I grew up in a home with no central heating, scraping ice off the inside of the windows during winter, and my first flat had a small gas fire in the sitting room as its only source of heat, but so soon do we wallow in physical comfort when it's available.

I'm not sure if that's an entirely appropriate way to begin Lent!

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