Thursday, 29 December 2011

Oh for God's sake Morrisons .....

... it's only 4 days after Christmas!


  1. And a standard response from Morrisons ....
    Thanks for your comments. We've made sure to pass your feedback on to our Products Team.
    If you would like to tell us more about this or any of our other products, you can contact Customer Care.

  2. Yeah, what about Epiphany glow sticks and Lenten... um... well, Lenten plain saltine crackers?

  3. Now a more personal response ...

    Good afternoon Richard
    Thank you for your email.

    I am sorry to learn that you were unhappy that we add Easter chocolate on sale, I can understand your point of view and I will ensure that the buyer is made aware of your feedback.

    Once again thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    Kindest regards,
    Customer Services Department

  4. No, no, no!! I don't believe this
    !! Are u sure this isn't a photo shop job? wv is "biler", sure gets the bile activated!

  5. No photoshopping here - I took the pics!

  6. Pity the poor Orthodox! We hadn't even HAD our Christmas (7th Jan) when the Easter chocs came out!