Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not waving but drowning

As of today, the Anglican Covenant proposals, as they stand, have been defeated by a majority of CofE Diocesan Synonds. The issue is now "dead in the water" and cannot come back to General Synod for at least 3 years, though expect some sort of "back-door" attempt to reintroduce the prescriptive control seemingly desired by the majority of bishops.

Puts a spring into my step as the clocks bounce forward an hour.

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  1. The variation in votes, diocese by diocese, intrigues me. Seems that some of the more "partisan" AC & Evangelical dioceses (Blackburn; Coventry) have been more likely to vote heavily in support of the "Covenant"). I'm very impressed by the way that the clergy, pretty well across the board, twigged to what's what. Might this suggest a level of dissatisfaction in the ranks with present church governance?