Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Meetings Season

'tis the season for Annual Church Meetings, and this being a large Benefice I have 10 PCC AGM's to conduct plus one Joint Benefice Council AGM, all before the end of this month.

This year I must be particularly keen on this administrative task since this evening I attempted to turn up to take one which we had held at the end of March. I did wonder why there was no-one there at 7.30 p.m.

I think I need a holiday.


  1. Perhaps after the meetings are done? Or do you have reports to write then?

  2. No reports to write ... but I do havbe my Tax Return to do, as well as the Return to the Diocese. The guest bathroom is being ripped out and refitted on Monday and all week, and the usual round continues......

    But today the diary was clear, so I threw caution to the winds and went off to Norwich and the gym this morning and watched a DVD film this afternoon. Tomorrow's diary is clear as well, so I've put a line through that day as well.

  3. Great Rowlandson cartoon. May steal it for facebook with an attached "Republicans/nothing ever changes" message. A few days ago a Norfolk colleague of yours was expressing similar excitement at the prospect of multiple annual meetings.

  4. In borrowing this for facebook, where I remarked how little seems to change, I noticed that the gentleman in brown, second left, back to the viewer, is in the act of relieving himself. Before indoor plumbing, chamberpots - gentlemen; for the use of - were routinely provided in dining rooms, in a corner or in the sideboard. (Likely, come to think of it, a reason behind the tradition of the ladies withdrawing after dinner). Since learning this, I have regarded any ancient ring stain in an antique sideboard with serious suspicion.