Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

One church in this rural Benefice has connections to the anniversay celebrations sweeping the country this weekend, and that is St. Margaret South Elmham. Its altar frontal is made from cloth that was used in Westminster Abbey 60 years ago at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Since all it has is this blue frontal and a green one, it is used for every season except Ordinary Time.

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  1. Recognized it right off. It was used to drape the stands that were erected throughout the Abbey to give two-tier seating (must have been a bit terrifying up in the "Gods") in the nave aisles and in the crossing. Makes a handsome frontal, doesn't it? Made for Watts, maybe? Read on their facebook page (Watts? facebook?) sometime last week that they had used their last remaining length of the fabric to make a cushions for the rained-upon royal barge.

    Doesn't look quite the same, does it?