Monday, 6 August 2012

A breath of salt air

A 48 hour sojourn down to the south coast again to meet up with a few friends to mark the occasion of my 60th birthday last Friday. Tempus Fugit, or something like that. Maybe I should have taken more note of my old school motto; "Absque Labore Nihil" which roughly translated means "Get off your backside you lazy old git or you'll never achieve anything!" Ho hum.


  1. Many happy returns. Just a kid. Your birthday's a day before mine. They used to play "God Save the Queen" before the news on my birthday.

  2. Many Happy (if belated) returns. In recent years, due to the Diocesan calendar, I have celebrated my birthdays away from home at Clergy Conventions. No t so this year, Deo gracias.

  3. Happy B/D! Looking good on it!