Monday, 14 January 2013

A day out

Just occasionally I get a funeral that takes all day, and today is one of those times. The family have asked for a cremation in Bury St Edmunds, and since we have a 12.45 slot it means leaving home at about 11 in order to get collected by the undertakers outside the village church at 11.15. After Bury we come back to the village for a Memorial service at 2.45, so it will be about an hour before I can leave there and drive home.

If all goes smoothly I should be back here by about 4 .... however .... the forecast is for snow ....... so there's a shovel in the car and a thermos flask of hot coffee in my bag, plus I'm personally thermally covered (let the reader understand) and will be wearing my duffle coat with furry lining and hood just in case I need to walk any distance in order to get back to base. And already a few light flakes of snow have drifted past my study window ..... :)


  1. Don.t stand still too long at the funeral or there may be another episode of The Snowman!

  2. All done and back home, drinking thermos coffee and eating a slice of rather delightful Christmas cake!