Thursday, 5 September 2013

A fortnight's grace

Leaving aside the Gospel message I received as a comment on my previous post about Freecycle (and quite why that particular little post should have brought about a plea for my salvation), there has now been a 2-week hiatus in the building and repair works to the Parsonage. I only have myself to blame since I stuck my proverbial oar in and once the 18th century beam in the sitting room ceiling was exposed, asked the Structural Engineer to revisit and re-think his plans to remove it and replace it with a steel girder. I feel justified in making this request since the plans were drawn up with only an inch or so of the old beam visible in the ceiling. Now that it's all exposed the dimensions are revealed, and so I have requested that the Diocese doesn't rip out a beam that has been in situ since 1790 without considering if it can be strengthened. The upshot is that they have agreed to this, which means new drawings have to be done and new steels ordered. So the lack of progress is down to me. I bet my name's mud ..... but I have conservation smile on my face.

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  1. A thoughtful decision all round. Such heritage cannot ever be replaced.