Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Getting there

The painter finished his work last Thursday, and so since then it has been a case of restocking the rooms with my possessions that have been stored in the two large sea-going containers on my front lawn. By Sunday night they were empty, though the interior of the sitting room, study and two upstairs bedrooms rooms looked like the Vikings had just raided, though without the accompanying rape! Tonight, Tuesday, the downstairs rooms are back in operation and work continues with the bedrooms. One of 95% there, and the other is about 50%. By the end of this week we should be ship-shape again.

It's been somewhat disturbing having my home and workplace in upheaval, more so than I anticipated, and there have been unexpected stress-related consequences. And we're not finished yet ... there's the containers to be collected (next Monday) and then both drives remodelled and re-laid, and a new garage door.

Guests arrive mid-November. We should be ready to receive them by then.


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