Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Damn, but I hate spending large sums of money

Well, I've finally bitten the proverbial bullet and spent almost £700 this evening ordering a new oven and hob. The present ones I inherited when I moved into this vicarage, the Diocese informing me at the last minute that it was my responsibility to provide cooking facilities in their house, and I just managed to prevent the cowboy kitchen fitters/builders from throwing them out. They were past their best then, (the cooker and hob, not the builders .... though I don't know ... ), but for the past 6 years they've cooked my meals, boiled the marmalade, and generally worked as they should. However, the door on the main over has never shut properly, and it remains a bad fit even after replacing both the hinges. I've had to prop it shut with a clothes peg rammed underneath! And then, about 6 months ago, one of the two elements in the fast electric ring went "phut", followed about 8 weeks ago by the fan oven refusing to heat and the thermostat on another of the rings not working, so that it's either "on" or "off" with no variable control. Which means I have just two rings and the small top oven working properly - though the top oven is a bit like a miniature "blast furnace"!.

As it's not my house I have dithered over replacing the units, but I really do have to do something now, otherwise it will be difficult to cook my Christmas confections, or keep hot the various dishes at the December Shared Supper which I host. (And as an aside - the photograph shows the total work space I have - just a small corner. Wonderfully designed for a vicarage kitchen don't you think?)

I await the courier's call to arrange a convenient delivery slot. I have already primed the local electrician in the village to disconnect the old units beforehand.

Oh well, the rainy day has arrived, and I can't take it with me .... though if and when I move, I just might take the cooker and hob!

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