Friday, 19 October 2007

More food

Tonight was a "Shared Supper" night - the monthly "pot-luck" supper held in various homes around the parishes of the Benefice. The invitation is open to all to come along - just bring a dish of food to share. The result is that you never know how many will turn up or what you're going to get. In the event there's usually between 10 and 18 people, and the dishes a good balance between savoury and sweet.

Tonight was a "protein-rich" night with 7 hot dishes of meat, one roast vegetable flan, and two bowls of mashed potato. There was also cold trout as an entree. Then there were five different desserts and a cheeseboard, so it was all rather good. There's always wine and beer and fruit juice available, and we finished with coffee.

These suppers are not a fund-raiser, they're purely social, and it's good to have a regular event that doesn't ask for money.

I can't claim responsibility for them - they were already established when I arrived, but I'm certainly going to see that they continue.

*burp* (again!)

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