Monday, 26 January 2009

Gawd, I'm stuffed

Masses of food at our Chinese lunch. The six of us began with prawn crackers, prawn toasts, "money parcels" and spring rolls with a plum sauce dip; then steamed char sui pork dumplings; then the roast duck pancakes; and then egg fried rice accompanying sweet & sour chicken with sweetcorn, sweet & sour battered king prawns, battered chicken in lemon sauce, vegetable chow mein, and beef and mushroom curry. We finished off with fresh fruit salad and lychees, ice cream, and dishes of marzipan stuffed dates, liquer chocolates, dark chocolate preserved ginger, and assorted toffees.

We all wore something new and something red, had lucky money envelopes, and fortune cookies. The latter were found in a Lidl supermarket and the fortunes were in German on one side of the slip of paper, and fortunately in English on the other, though the translations were a bit suspect.

A very enjoyable occasion all round. I expect to sleep well tonight!