Sunday, 14 February 2010

Put a tiger in your tank

And if you remember THAT advertising slogan from ESSO then you're older than you think!

Chinese New Year decorations put up in the house and celebrated with a meal of Char Sui pork dumplings, roast potato balls, vegetable spring rolls, crispy roast duck & pancakes, sweet & sour chicken on egg fried rice .... wonderful!

I'm stuffed!



  1. Love those dragons!

    Yes, I remember the Esso slogan. I even remember when there was Esso in the US. And that was a while ago. We have Exxon now.

  2. I still have one of the small stuffed toy tiger tails that you could hang from your interior mirror in the car .....

  3. They also had one that could be attached to the gas tank cover here!