Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lent Lunch Wednesday No.2

8 pints of soup made and hot in the Soup Kettles. Cheeseboards filled. Hot water flasks filled. Biscuits, sweet pickle, condiments, teaspoons, sugar and milk all set out on the tables with plates, spoons, knives and napkins. Bread rolls ready to go into the oven to be warmed. Soup bowls in oven as well. Seating extended to host 19 people. Now all I need are the customers.

When I trained I was never told that I would end up running a Lent cafe!


  1. 13 people today, @ £3.50 per head. Income, less expenses, is collected together from the 5 Lent Lunches and then divided between 4 or 5 charities at the end of the season.
    House cleared up - I'm retiring to the chair in the sitting room!

  2. Checking your links, I now see where I picked up on the Egg bacon chips & beans blog a year or two back.

  3. Yum yum, bunny.
    Mind you, it's about time I updated that list.

  4. I've been following the blog for the last two years or more and never realized that it was yours.

  5. I wish I could claim ownership of Egg bacon chips and beans, but it ain't mine. Mind you, I know the Bridport bus station cafe quite well ....