Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Waiting ....

... for a heating oil delivery ..... and for the arrival of a small package from a Catering Supplies company of a 79p thermostat so I can try and repair my large coffee percolator (used at monthly Coffee Mornings and sometimes at Lent Lunches), along with a dozen soup spoons (for Lent Lunches as I don't have enough), and a dozen napkins that I want to use in the churches as corporals on the altars. The last is because most of the Benefice churches are desperately ill-equipped in the altar linen department. Unfortunately these are only cheap linen, and I was unable to order "one double dozen double-damask dinner napkins" - and if you don't recognise that reference, it is the title of an old comedy sketch written for Cicely Courtneidge, in which a lady gets increasingly flustered as she tries to place an order for the said items in a department store. It was made famous by Beatrice Lillie in Frank Tuttles 1938 movie, "Dr. Rhythm" which starred Bing Crosby and Mary Carlisle.

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  1. UPDATE: 09.40 Oil has arrived. 1,000 ltr = £429.45. Just as well I put aside some money towards this each month!