Monday, 14 February 2011

Back at 19 The Close ...

... for a short course on Art and the Incarnation narratives of Matthew, Luke and the Gospel of James.

Treading the old familiar corridors of my training ground and surrounded by ghosts .... DN and his gin parties for his anglo-catholic buddies, Pinky & Perky, JC puffing his pipe out of the attic window, TJ fiddling with sliders and volume controls in the basement, Cyril the caretaker, BP who would hear what you were saying but wasn't quite sure what you meant, AG in his cowboy boots, 4Q Florilegium, KY and the BCP, and above all, like a caring house-master, RA.


  1. No - but he did have special police guards at the gates of his house. I did once get invited into the home of the historian Arthur Bryant who also lived in The Close.