Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hitting the bottle

The cloisters at Salisbury Cathedral are currently hosting a sound and light exhibition by the artist Bruce Munro. On two sides of the quadrangle the cloister walk is filled with 69 glowing towers made from 15,000 recyclable 2 litre water bottles which are illuminated inside with fibre-optic cables. The colours change to a soundtrack of recorded choral music, and it's quite an experience to wander among these towers in the dark as I did this evening after Choral Evensong.

Inside the cathedal several curtains of tear-drop lights hang from the choir arch at the central crossing, and seen from the west end of the nave, behind the mirror-surface of the font with its ever-flowing four streams of water, it creates a marvellous view.


  1. I don't suppose they will still be their in July?

    I like the lights in the choir.

  2. The choir lights are not part of the bottle exhibit. They were in situ for Christmas 2010 but the cloister display was only for a couple of weeks, so I'm not sure. You could always ask on the cathedral website.

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  4. Does not Canterbury Cathedral now have a new font in similar fashion by the same artist?