Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Another storm, another place

In the Comments to the previous post "Rural Rector" mentions that we missed the October 87 "hurricane" as we were abroad in SW France at the time. It certainly got dark and stormy in Biarritz that day as these two photos show.

This was our first view of the resort as we came out of the undergraound car park. One of our party is standing on the bridge.

In this second shot we are making our way along the beach with the deep dark storm clouds gathering behind! The heavens opened shortly after this was taken!

Back to the present, and it's been blowing all evening with heavy bursts of rain. The old apple trees are surviving so far, but the forecast is for another very stormy day tomorrow, with the Met Office warning of damaging gusts up to 85 mph.

March is certainly holding true to the proverb and "roaring in like a lion".

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