Saturday, 1 March 2008


Refreshment Sunday, and a time for relaxing your Lenten discipline. So enjoy, rejoice, and, if you're lucky, indulge in a slice of Mothering Sunday Simnel Cake.

And if I had one, I'd be wearing this instead of the Lenten purple ...


  1. If you work on the old Jewish basis of a day starting at sunset, then I can say I had a few beers with a clear conscience. If it starts at sun up, I need your absolution.

  2. No, let's stick to the old system ...

  3. Sunday Simnel Cake, mmmmm, now that looks nummy! Can I partake even if I'm not Jewish?

    *smiling sweetly*

  4. Remember that the season of Lent lasts for 46 days, and the "personal fast" for 40 days. Our self-discipline should be relaxed on each and every Sunday since they are days of celebration. Laetare Sunday (or "Mid-Lenting Sunday") is simply a more popular day in which to take a spiritual breather.