Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A different day off

Yesterday saw me in Norwich for the afternoon and evening, firstly to pick up my new car! I've never owned a NEW car before, but thanks to my inheritance from my Mother's estate I decided that as it was time to change vehicle anyway, I'd spend a little more than the sum for which I normally budget. So last week I went to the dealer's to see what was on offer and what thay would allow me on my Lacetti 1.6.

I came away with a very good trade-in deal on a new Chevrolet Lacetti 1.8 Sport, and yesterday I collected it from the showroom. With a leather interior and full sports trim, it really is a comfortable car to drive. Now I just have to get the seats right ....

So having spent an hour or so, with a friend's assistance, placing all the bits from the old car into the various pockets and drawers, I parked it in Norwich centre as I was going to the Theatre in the evening.

I had a pre-show meal in my favourite eating place - Cafe Rouge - with a tomato and harissa soup, followed by chicken, bacon and crumbled roquefort salad. It was wonderful!

Then it was to the Theatre Royal to see the Matthew Bourne dance troop in his new show, "Dorian Gray". Loosely based on Oscar Wilde's "Picture of Dorian Gray" this was a contemporary dance piece that was premiered at the recent Edinburgh Festival. The show was halted after the first 5 minutes when the revolving stage jammed, and there was a 10 minute break whilst the technical problems were sorted, but then the show resumed, and from the beginning, which was a bonus.

Quite risque, and not the sort of piece to which to take take granny, it was nevertheless a brilliant piece of theatre. My first exposure to contemporary dance, and whilst you don't come out of the show humming any of the tunes, you do leave with admiration for how the dancers make their movements so fluid and look effortless.

So, all in all, it was a very different day off to that which is usual. I only disgraced myself once - by having a major nosebleed at the car dealer's, just as I was paying for the vehicle. I think it was the shock of parting with money!

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