Monday, 29 September 2008

There are times ....

... when only a traditional meal will satisfy the lunchtime need.

Smoked haddock fishcakes, chips and peas, with a dollop of tomato sauce.


  1. LUNCH??!!

    And on a Monday too?

    I suppose it was your day off. Mine also, a I prepare to tuck into a freshly-picked apple and a piece of cheese!

  2. Lunch - because I am out to a PCC meeting tonight, which means I shan't have supper.

    Day off - no, that's Tuesday.

    Fish on a Monday? The old tradition of fish on a Friday doesn't preclude eating it on another day of the week.

    Apple and cheese? I know that's also traditional, but I've never liked the combination. Now, apple and milk chocolate .....

  3. I think we need some breakfast photos.

    Not yet convinced about the five portions!

  4. Don't think I could manage five portions of fishcake and chips!

    Hmmm, breakfast pics .... we'll see ....

  5. After all tihs food I think we should be treated to some pictures of the author!

  6. Is "tomato sauce" the same thing we know here in the States as "catsup"?

  7. I don't know, SR, something is missing in this picture. What could it be. Maybe something red? Damn! I almost had it, but now it's gone.

  8. billyd: Yes, sort of, but different origins.

    Grandmere: You cannot have tinned tomatoes with fishcakes - makes them go soggy!