Monday, 24 November 2008

Lazy Sunday afternoon

With the fire lit, candles flickering, Haydn's Symphony No.99 in E Flat Major on the CD player, a mug of hot coffee, a magazine to read, and the curtains pulled against the dark skies from which snow flurries were blowing down, it was a comfortable and relaxing winter's Sunday afternoon. I count myself fortunate to have a warm dry home and to be able to pay my way when so many others at this time of financial constraint are falling by the wayside. Deo Gratias.


  1. A perfect time to have a good beef stew slowly simmering on the stove, an excellent Cahors opened and breathing on the sideboard, a good black and white film in the DVD player ("In which we serve", or "Dambusters" or "Titfield Thunderbolt"), all dogs walked and settled, all thought of liturgy and sermons put away.....

    Yes! As Mother Julian would say, "Al is very well."

  2. "Titfield Thunderbolt" is in colour.

    You could have chosen "Kind Hearts & Coronets", "Passport to Pimlico" or "The Lavender Hill Mob".

    Then there's always "Casablanca" or "Went the Day Well?"

  3. In colour? I forgot, or rather my memory is dimmed. I watched Casablanca only last week. TImeless.

    At least, according to my typing, "Al" is very well. It seems his cough is getting better!

  4. Well, it's not Sunday here, but this is a nice reminder post for the day after Thanksgiving.