Friday, 19 December 2008

I'm glad THAT day's over!

Ever had a "clumsy" day? Yesterday was that for me. Everything I touched either fell over, broke, or scattered itself across the floor - like the card file that flipped off the bookshelf and threw its contents under the sofa, or the various items that kept leaping out of my fingers!

Then I impaled my head on the gutter bracket whilst outside and at the top of a ladder at the front of the house putting up lights in the large holly tree - and that stabbed my hands in various places so that I look as if I've got a touch of the pox!

Next, the string of outside lights sent me from a friend in the USA, together with a note saying that they were a British set and last used by him in his curacy, glowed very brightly when I put them on. I turned the control box knob. They went out. I turned the knob once more. There was a loud "pop" and smoke poured out of the box. Leaning forward to pull the plug from the socket I knelt on one of the light bulbs. Fragments of glass in the carpet and my trousers! They went in the bin.

Then the 8 star rope-light decoration for the front of the house, which had worked perfectly last Christmas, and was fine when I packed it away, was now only half-working, so that also went in the bin.

And despite searching though the contents of the hall cupboard, I wasn't able to find the feet for a small artificial tree, even though for 7 years they've been kept in the same place.

Sod it.

I shall enjoy Christmas when it's over.


  1. Forgive me Father, for I laughed at your misfortune.

  2. I gave up looking for the feet for the artifical table-top Christmas tree and went and bought a cheap replacement ..... Today, whilst getting out the baubles for the main tree in my hallway, I found them. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!