Thursday, 12 November 2009

He may have been on to something

We know that the physical body decays, and I have a fairly practical outlook on that. It won't last, and our Christian faith tells us that something better awaits, but Dr. Frankenstein's approach to spare-part replacement seems quite attractive as the years advance and parts of the body start to protest. On and off my lower back has caused me problems since the mid-80's, and for the last 4 years it's aggravated the sciatic nerve in my right leg, which can make simply walking uncomfortable. Nine weeks ago the right side of my jaw decided to feel as if it was dislocating every time I opened my mouth. Unfortunately for my congregations it didn't stop me climbing up into the pulpit and delivering 10 minutes of blather every Sunday. That coupled itself with an inflamed inner ear canal which seems to have sorted itself out - almost. Then last Saturday afternoon my left shoulder began to ache. It was better on Tuesday, but yesterday it got progressively worse through the day. This morning I can hardly lift that arm above my chest, which made dressing an interesting challenge. So, it's another appointment with the Dr. who will probably look at me, ask the symptoms, and then say, "Yes I've had that as well. I've no idea what it is. Take two aspirins." Heigh Ho.


  1. Whatever else you do, start the consultation by saying "I've already done the 'go home and come back if it doesn't get better' bit on my own, so we can skip that step".

    Good luck.

  2. Lets hope it is not frozen shoulder. That can be painful and takes months to rehabilitate. (speaking from unfortunate experience)