Friday, 13 November 2009


Well, it's not a frozen shoulder, but a hefty inflammation of the rotator cuff, and so my normally dour Doctor stuck a needle into my left shoulder four times with a mixture of local anaesthetic and cortisone. I also have some tablets to take with food, one twice a day, which may have indegestion as a side-effect! I'll look forward to that then. Got a smile from the doc again though (which is a major triumph) as he used a naughty word when he saw how inflamed it was, and I said that was the sort of language I'd been using as well!

Came home and have slept for four hours! I have already been offered a lift to church on Sunday morning as one of the problems is that I find it very painful to lean forward and change gear. Have never wanted an automatic, but in this instance it could be useful.

Just wish I had a firm chest like that in the picture!


  1. It's usually the wrist that sustains the damage. You've been overdoing it, my friend :-)

  2. Ow! Indeed. I feel your pain, or have felt your pain. The shoulder cooled off; the knee, even after meniscus surgery is still more or less a mess. During my experience was when the realization hit me that I could never again have straight shift. Alas, I had become my mom if not my grandmother.

    Prayers are ascending for your speedy recovery.

  3. SR, I'm sorry about your pain. Prayers that your shoulder heals and that the pain and inflammation go quickly.

  4. Tuesday, and all is fine - my thanks for your prayers ...