Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Buzz word

Yesterday morning, as there was dampness in the air, I saw one of the youngsters who wait for the School bus at the end of my drive move towards the shed that acts as a shelter for them and tentatively open the door. Taking a swift look inside he closed the door and went back to where he had been, sitting under a tree. I decided that I ought to check that the "shelter" was okay inside - I look at it every couple of months or so and sweep out dead insects, remove spiders and pull up the ivy tendrils that climbs across the panels. I opened the door and ducked as several wasps flew past my head. Hanging from the ceiling was the reason why he didn't go inside to get out of drizzle.

The local Council Pest Control man is arriving this afternoon!


  1. What a gorgeous nest! Too bad they chose the shed to put it in. Not that I love hornets, but they do build such lovely nests.

  2. Beautiful, admittedly, and almost the size of a football, but in the wrong place. Has now gone, and the abandoned small one behind it. Have to leave the door open for 24 hours so that returning ones fly off.

  3. I've seen a hat like that at a wedding!