Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The apple harvest begins

A better crop on the Parsonage trees this year. More bottles of juice to enjoy through the winter!


  1. No pies. I trade the apples with a local juice and cider maker. Two years ago with the bumper crop I received some 30 bottles of juice. Last year was meagre, but he still gave me 7 bottles. This year's crop falls between the two, so next autumn I should receive enough to see me through to Christmas.

  2. I love sweet English cider and drink a lot of it when I come over. I guess it's an old woman's drink. There's enough alcohol to give me a nice buzz, I can drink a lot, and there's no hangover in the morning!

    BTW, are you anywhere near Salisbury or Truro? Our choir is coming over in July for two weeks, and I fancy a pint! Besides which, I'd love to meet at least one of my blogging friends in person!

  3. Salisbury is where I did my theological training - 2 wonderful years in a beautiful city. Snells Coffee shop is the place to head for, just outside St Thomas's church in the centre.

    However, Salisbury and Truro are the other side of the country from here in East Anglia. But give me the dates for Salisbury and I'll see what I can do.