Saturday, 4 September 2010

London again

An overnight trip to London this last week, and the weather was perfect. Sunshine and warm, so I walked through from Kensington to Bishopgate via Victoria where I went to the Annual Picture Postcard Fair in the Royal Horticultural Halls. A distance of just over 6 miles all told, with a slight detour into Covent Garden on the way.

A couple of stops to let my shirt dry out from under the backpack and to take inner refreshment, as well as to give my feet a rest, and I enjoyed every minute, seeing some places I'd never visited such as the Guildhall.

The Albert Memorial in Hyde Park was looking stunning in the sunlight.

The Natural History Museum in Kensington was imposing. In 1980 I worked there for some 7 months doing market research on their new Hall of Human Biology exhibit.

St Paul's when viewed from the new square on the north side looks as it used to do before all the modern developments that now surround it.

And as it was a Friday evening, when I arrived early for my train at Liverpool Street station the local bars were overflowing into the piazza with the workers all enjoying the sunshine and starting their weekend relaxation.

I love walking through this vibrant city.


  1. Planes and Trains! Did you notice? Of course you did! Nice angle on the station. And St. Paul's looks lovely. I haven't been there since the great cleanup.

  2. Food - ah ....
    Thursday night was at "Wildwood" In Kensington - an Italian bistro, so the Starter was toasted Focaccia bread with olive oil to dip in, followed by a spaghetti bolognese (and I know I can make that at home, but it's always nicer when someone else has done the cooking!).

    Friday lunch was a toasted mozarella, tomato and basil ciabatta in a coffee shop, and supper a tuna mayo sandwich and a small tub of cherry tomatoes eaten on the train home. Oh, and a Thornton's Turkish Delight bar ....

    So there was a bit of an Italian theme throughout really ....

  3. Saintly Ramblings, next time you trek London way, do feel free to let me know. I'm always up for a coffee and it would be nice to meet you.

  4. PS London is undeniably vibrant but as a resident I do find the crowds and the pace a bit relentless. You feel crammed in with people, there's not much space and peace and quiet tend to be elusive.

  5. Cathy - will keep it in mind. Thanks.