Monday, 6 September 2010

Off, on, off, on, off again ....

I don't know if I'm coming or going ....

A day of power cuts in our village .... intermittent ones of just a couple of seconds at 11.30, 12.01, 12.08, 12.09, 12.31, 12.41, 12.48, 12.53 and 12.55. I gave up trying to work at the computer after the fourth time ,,,,

Then it went off again at 13.09 and didn't come back until 17.24. I took the opportunity to sort out a couple of cupboards.

I had just cooked supper and was about to boil the kettle when at 19.40 .... blackout! Luckily, being a vicarage, I have a plentiful supply of candles, and the downstairs rooms were soon lit. I found my small camping-gas burner and was just heating some water for a coffee when it came back on again at 20.10.

So far so good .....

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  1. On off, on off - I thought you were talking about the book burning.