Thursday, 23 December 2010

Just for a change ...

... yesterday I went early-morning shopping to the local Co-op, and decided to throw caution to the four winds and have a freshly-cooked breakfast. The sausage may look burnt, but actually it was nice, albeit slightly crispy at the ends, but at least it was cooked through. Nothing worse than a sausage with a pink middle. The egg was fine, the bacon tasty, and lurking underneath that mound of beans is a hash brown. All it needed was a slice of toast or fried bread, but that would have cost extra, and I've already spend a lot preparing for Christmas.

I might well go back for another breakfast at some point. After all, a single serving is hardly an objective sample.

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  1. Over the years I had forgotten how much English sausages explode from their skins at both ends. On account of the use of natural casings? Surely the days of 80% cereal content are long gone. Had also forgotten, until I accidentally overcooked some sausages recently, how good a semi-carbonized banger can be. One more Proust moment.