Thursday, 9 December 2010

London - Day 2

A morning walk up to the Albert Memorial, over the frozen Serpentine, and across Hyde Park to Oxford Street. A rummage around several shops, including Selfridges (somewhat expensive), then down Regent Street for a quick view of Hamleys, and down Piccadilly. I had a look in the permanent market in the grounds of St James church, then continued westwards to Fortnum & Mason. Here the prices were laughable, and I came out without purchasing anything. It was educational to browse, and I discovered that the marzipan fruits that I often make at Christmas sell for about 18.00 (and I would enter the GBP sign if I wasn't using a Mac that only has $). I then strolled back into Knightsbridge and went into the Harrods Food Halls. Here I considered buying a small Stilton cheese at 6.85 that would fit in my empty Harrods Stilton jar at home, but thought better of it, reasoning that I can get a piece of Stilton from a supermarket and put it in the jar and no-one will know the difference.

So apart from a couple of small purchases along the way, I got back to base in Kensington with money still in my wallet. Who says that holidays cost a lot? Or am I just a miserable ageing git who won't spend? (And that's a rhetorical remark rather than a question that needs answering!)


  1. Well, I am going to say something. . . refusing to spend money that would be better used to get twice as much that tastes as good or better isn't githood. Anyway, doesn't Stilton taste just about the same no matter where you buy it? I got some Seriously Strong Cheddar at Safeway over there once. It was excellent cheese. It tasted as good as the aged cheddar that I got at a shop where they made bespoke sandwiches and charged a fortune! So there.

  2. Actually there is a lot of variety with Stilton. Some can be very dry and crumbly whilst others are smooth and creamy. Some can be quite sharp whilst others are mellow. It always pays to taste before you buy - if it's possible without ripping open the pack!

  3. You're just a m.... No, actually I agree with you. I haven't taken a "proper" holiday this year due to financial restraints, but have had brilliant day trips exploring parts of Long Island that ordinarily I would not have visited. And all for the price of a few gallons of petrol and a sandwich for lunch.