Friday, 27 May 2011

Just an ordinary day in the country

A major rural funeral today for a young man in his 40's. The church, our largest in the Benefice, was packed to overflowing, and we estimate 400+ people in attendance. They were not only standing outside, but also had filled the choir and were standing in the sanctuary around the altar. An individual service in that he wasn't a church attender, and before his death had picked 5 pieces of 1970's rock music to be played instead of singing hymns. There was also no Bible reading, but the piece from Henry Scott Holland, "All is Well" instead. The tributes from his brother and from his two children were emotive.

In complete contrast, the village church opposite has been the scene of media activity all day with a film crew shooting a graveyard scene for an upcoming feature film. I'm sworn to silence. Vans and cars parked across the entrance, my patio being used as the refreshment area, and my back loo once more making vital provision for humanity's needs.

A wedding tomorrow, and 4 more funerals next week. It must be the weather .....