Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Grumpy old man

This afternoon the house is surrounded by three men heaving huge metal pipes along my back passage - the scaffolding is going up prior to the re-roofing of the vicarage. The black and blue wheelie-bins now have a prominent position by the front door since the walkway down the side of the house to their usual resting place is blocked off by angled support poles; the flat-leaf parsley looks somewhat sad underneath one of the support boards, and the large man in charge, who came with the van, walked around the house giving instructions, and who then disappeard without ringing the bell and speaking to me, was muttering about having asked for the holly tree to be cut down. No such request was ever made, and I don't mind it being lopped, but it ain't coming down, matey!

Allied to this I have been attempting to renew my House Contents Insurance with a company that specialises in dealing with the older generation (let the reader understand) that falls due in two day's time. When I telephoned them last week the lady asked if any works were being done on the bulding. When I told her about the planned re-roofing she said that in order to renew my Contents cover they had to have the start date and finish date of the work. I explained that since it was a Tied House, I did not have that information. She then told me they wouldn't renew without it. This caused a flurry of e-mails between myself, the Diocese, the Architects, builders and scaffolders.

Armed with the dates (today and one in four week's time) I have just telephoned the company again and asked to renew my Contents Insurance. There was no question asked about works on the house, and it was renewed immediately. I've noted down the name of the lady I spoke to, and the time of the call, so if anything happens .....

I almost bought a "Grumpy Old Man" T-shirt last week, until I saw the price. I can get a plain one and write on it for far less expense.

Oh look, the scaffolders have been working for 25 minutes and are now on their first break !

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