Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Seasonal greetings

There I was in Tesco's yesterday when I came upon their "Seasonal" aisle. Oh deep joy and felicity! I can now buy my Advent calendars and Stollen cake. And it's still September!

Is it me?

I was also slightly disturbed to pick up from my hall carpet this morning a small piece of blue tinsel from last year's Christmas decorations. Now where the heck has that been hiding for the last 9 months?

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  1. Christmas wares? They have not yet appeared in the ailes and windows of our local shops on Long Island. That is because there are two more important feasts and seasons to stagger through. The first is Halloween, where brainless partying is only superceded by the amount of chocolate and candy consumed. Vast amounts of money are spent on this festival which has lost all aspects of All Saints and All Souls and taken on a "More boo for your buck" aspect.

    The second is Thanksgiving - the all-American celebration. Sound beginnings even if now it is treated more a a springboard for Holiday (sic) shopping. Even Santa arrives in New York that day!