Thursday, 7 September 2006

Okay, pedants ...

Following on from the "Comment" about the Indian Summer, and that it should really be an All-Hallows Summer, it's a bit early for that as well, for that would be the end of this month, not the start.

And as for the "Comment" about the licensing of the parish church rather than the new Vicar ... I agree, it can be read that way. Let me make myself perfectly clear ... The new Vicar of Bungay was licensed last night in the small parish church of the town.


I'm not ....

The rubbish I have to put up with .....(mutter) ..... (mutter) ... (mumble)

Now off to a PCC, and a Chinese take-away afterwards! Parish life is such a bore .....

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  1. It's the consequence of a grammar school upbringing that you know your nominitive from your genitive. Solution - Don't get your genitives in a twist