Monday, 30 June 2008

And on the Menu tonight ...

At the close of a beautiful summer's day, there's chicken goujons marinaded in lemon juice and home grown mint, lightly fried with chopped green pepper, and finished with a creme fraiche sauce, served with boiled new potatoes and mint, and sliced carrots. Washed down with a glass (or two) of the black wine of Aquitaine, a 2004 Cahors. Followed by Hertfordshire strawberries and cream, and a double black espresso coffee, with cream yet again. Just as well my cholesterol level is normal!


  1. recipes please

  2. Hardly Cordon Bleu, but ...

    Four chicken goujons (out of my freezer), defrosted for a couple of hours at room temperature in a marinade of a tablespoon of lemon juice (bottled or fresh) and a sprig of fresh mint.

    New potatoes, scrubbed, and boiled with sliced carrots (as many as you want of either), in the same saucepan to save water and energy!

    Heat a small amount of oil (I use sunflower, but any light oil suitable for frying will do) in a frying pan - not non-stick as that will not give you the crispy bits of cooked chicken that are required for flavour. Shake marinade off chicken and place into pan, frying on both sides until golden. At the same time add some chopped green pepper (capsicum). (I used about a third of a whole pepper last night).

    When the chicken is cooked and has crispy bits on it, remove from heat and stir in two tablespoons of creme fraiche. This will lift the browned bits from the bottom of the frying pan and colour the creme sauce.



  3. Ooops - forgot the second sprig of fresh mint in with the boiling pots and carrots. It will almost disintegrate, so do not serve it.

    As far a salt goes - I no longer add it to the water for the veg. I stopped doing that over ten years ago, and do not miss it. We all need to cut down on our consumption of salt anyway.

  4. Delicious!

    I totally agree with not putting salt in the water to cook vegetables. There is always the tendency to add too much anyhow. If salt is needed (and personally I do like a little on new potatoes) then two or three grains of good sea salt can be crushed between thumb and finger at the table.

  5. Can I come for dinner?