Friday, 6 June 2008

Three good Fridays

A fortnight ago, Friday was the day friends arrived to spend the weekend, and we played croquet and numerous hands of Canasta.

Last Friday was the day I met the Dalai Lama, and I now have copies of the offical photographs. This is a poor quality image lifted from the photographer's website. The print and enlargement I bought are much better.

Today, I attended a Confirmation service at St. Felix School in Southwold, to see a young lad who lives in one of the villages of this Benefice have hands laid on him by the Bishop of Dunwich. It was really enjoyable service, and the school choir was brilliant. They sang with real confidence and expression, and it was a joy to hear.

And even though the weather today has been atrociously wet, and there are patches of flooding on the local roads, today and the last two Fridays have been "high days". In the fine evening sunlight yesterday, as I got back into my car after the Evening office at one of the nearby villages, the light revealed why this part of Suffolk is so beautiful.


  1. Ah - the sort of post we love, and have missed!

  2. Is that you with the holy man?

    If so which one is you?

  3. I'll give you a hint - both my arms are covered!

  4. I am curious. What is that white, lacy object hanging down?

  5. The "white lacy object" is a Khata (kata) scarf which is a traditional offering to a Lama as a mark of respect. The Lama will either receive it and keep it, and then present another one back, or will acknowledge receipt of the offering and give it back, sometimes placing it around your neck.

    The Dalai Lama acknowledged this scarf that I presented on behalf of the family and then placed his hand upon it.

    I wonder if I ought to frame it?

    Come to that - should I have kept my hand unwashed since?