Monday, 30 June 2008


This afternoon I attempted to drive down into Bungay, a distance of 3 miles from The Rectory to the outskirts. Taking my usual route, I noticed that there were speed advisory signs indicating road re-surfacing, and the lack of road markings, but nothing to say that the road was impassable.

Two and a half miles further down, and the road was completely blocked with lorries carrying out the aforesaid resurfacing. I slowed to a halt in front of them and attempted to speak to the workman who approached the car. He informed me that the road was blocked and that I would have to turn around. As I tried to inform him of the lack of any signs saying this he interrupted me and said there was a sign at the junction. I again tried to tell him there was no sign, but was once more interrupted by him saying that he had been there himself and put the the sign out. I asked him to let me finish what I was trying to tell him, and then informed him that the only sign about possible "delays" on the road was a hundred or so yards back, and at a small crossroads. I then said that this was inadequate since both roads at that junction were dead-ends and led only to farms. The sign had to be placed at the T-juntion two and a half miles back, to prevent cars and lorries from driving all the way along before finding that the way was blocked. I suggested that a "Road Closed" sign would be more apt, but he blankly said that they were "not allowed to close roads," a statement I frankly find rather strange since the Highways Department continually close roads all over the County for repairs.

No "Roadworks" sign visible anywhere at the junction. The sign with its back to the camera says "No Road Markings", which is also incorrect, as the markings are still on the road.

I drove home and telephoned Suffolk County Council and left my comments for the Highways department, complete with OS Grid reference of the T-junction. By the amount of traffic I passed on my secondary route just now as I came back from Bungay, and the lorries now going past my home, I suspect that the sign has been moved. I shall walk up the road later and check.


  1. Incredible. Yet there is something universal about officialdom, normally with ribbon-tied bundles of (no doubt) approved instructions, and clip-boards, that makes it impossible to win.

    Where shall I start ...?

  2. "Its more than my job's worth......."