Friday, 6 February 2009

Now this is frightening!

In preparation for the Benefice Coffee Morning (for which I have made another 16 jars of 3-fruit marmalade) I delved into the lower shelves of the Butler's pantry to find some ground coffee. I hauled out a pack I bought in the Auchan hypermarket in Dunkirk just before Christmas, and found myself looking at an icon of Grand-mere Mimi!

Images of the Virgin Mary continually appear in and on the most unlikely of places and objects, but to find a picture of the venerable blogger of the deep south looking up at me was a moment of revelation!

Also disturbing was the printed invitation to be familiar and generous! I think I need to go and lie down!


  1. SR, wait a minute! Where's the "Mimi"? I believe that woman must be an impostor. I would never say anything like that. Generous maybe, but familiar? Never!

  2. Maybe it's a case of two images coming together to form the likeness, a bit like Homer Simpson and "Mr Sparkle", created from a morphing together of a cartoon fish and a lightbulb!

    Even lacking the "Mimi" you have to admit it's a close match, down to the red clothing!

    As Bart Simpson remarked: "There you go, fishbulb!"