Monday, 16 February 2009

So far so good

This is being posted via the new pc. No problems yet, though this version of Vista is somewhat different to that on my laptop, and things aren't where I'm used to finding them!

Somewhat amazed that I've managed to connect it to the Internet via a network cable! Thought that I'd have difficulties with the settings, but it went straight on.

Still have to set-up the printer and scanner.

Perhaps I'll get my supper before I tackle that. Medallions of neck fillet of lamb in a quince sauce. Do a bit of veg to go with it .... *slurp*


  1. Things have moved on since you bought that crystal radio set. Even I can set up a new computer and, believe me, that means it is very easy to do, indeed.

  2. Printer works ... but scanner software doesn't. Think scanner itself might be okay - will try installing again. I also appear to have two versions of Vista - Home Premium (registered and validated) and Home & Student (no reg number and 21 more activations before it stops.) A phone call to PC World is about to be made.

  3. Have you downloaded the scanner software from the CD that originally came with it. I have to when I change computers.

  4. Yes - and upgraded it on their own site with Vista drivers, but still says there's compatibility problems with Vista. Won't run in Compatibility mode either. However, the scanner itself works, but I don't get as much control over images when scanning. Have to process tham afterwards. No big deal - never liked the way it did slides anyway - they were very grainy.

  5. This will be a common glitch and there will be a way round it. Just type the name of your scanner and Vista into Google and you should find a young person out there with all the info you need.