Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Another invitiation from the Benin Republic

In my Inbox today .... and I see the sender changes their gender by the end of the letter !

You're invited to "Contact FedEX Express Delivery Services Benin Republic.".

By your host Steven Obi:

Date: Tuesday 14 April 2009
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (GMT +00:00)
Location: Attn My Dear Friend,I have paid the fee for your cheque draft and i took it to the ECO BANK PLC to confirm it then the Manager of theBank MRBENARD UGO told me that before the check can get to you it will expire on the way and if it expired it will become useless so Headvice me toconvert $1.5m (ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) into cash and pack it into the strong iron box anddeposit it in FEDEX EXPRESSDELIVERY COMPANY BENIN REPUBLIC to deliver it in cash to you.And i did it as he advice me because heis abanker he knows the durability of any foriegn check or draft.I deposited the said package in the FedEX EXpress Delivey Company asancotton materials for secuirty reasons.This is the registration Number of your Package Fed/122p/mtm/2008 Zip Code;0113388 so do notlet the company to know the real contents of the package so that they can deliver it for you safely.I want you to contact thecompanyimmediately with the following informations though igive them your information but you need to reconfirm it for them.Below is the requiredinfomation you need to give them now,
1.YOUR FULL NAME_____________
2YOUR CONTRY_____________
4.YOUR PHONE NUMBER_________________
5YOUR FAX NUMBER________________
6.A COPY OFYOURPHOTO________________
All thesethings is needed from you now to submmit to the company for urgent delivery of your package contains $1.5M Please contact the deliverycompanyimmediately and reconfirm your info to them to enable their agent locate you when he arrived in your country.This is the company contactinfo.Rev Dr Larry Joe Director Tel;+2299327-8110 FEDEX EXpress Delivery Company Benin Republic.Please contact the company immediately you receive this email so that your package will leave tonight to be deliver toyou.Get back to me assoon as you receive your package from the company.
God Bless you.


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